about & process

carley rickles is an atlanta-based artist, designer, and researcher. her practice is informed by academic studies in landscape architecture and urban design. she focuses on the lived experience, ecology, and history of alternative urbanisms (such as the ecology of residual landscapes or the landscapes of counterculture). her work spans scales and includes (from small to big): functional and sculptural ceramics, written reports, printed publications, site-specific installation and activation, and the planning, design, and logistics of public space. by focusing on common, but unspoken everyday experiences rickles forms an internal, yet physically interactive, relationship with viewers. she identifies as a public servant creating platforms, through her projects, for individuals and publics to relate.

current projects (fall 2018-present):

1. carley's design research focuses on residual/leftover/void/etc spaces in atlanta. through field-research, writing, and multi-scalar analysis she challenges everyday perceptions and values of the residual landscapes that weave throughout the city.

2. rickles is a part of a clay collective called side clay studio. she and three other local artists operate the studio. side clay invites other artist to participate with clay and community via workshops and events. for more questions and inquiries reach out @ sideclaystudio@gmail.com.