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architectures and urbanisms

  • McMansion Hell, created by Kate Wagner, is a weekly blog offering a comedic and comprehensive guide to the history, theory, and criticism modern and post-modern architecture and urbanism

atlanta’s own

  • ART PAPERS is a non-profit print/online publication representing contemporary art and culture.

  • Atlanta Studies is an open access online publication featuring a variety of Atlanta’s written story-lines documented by scholars, artists, activists, and writers within the city.

  • Brutal Studio is an experiential design studio focused on event design and installation.

  • Dream Warriors Foundation provides grant, irl opportunities, events, funding mechanisms, and online channels for dreamies,aka,woman, femme-identifying, or non-binary individuals who promotes intersectional feminism, while possessing intangible brightness.

  • fLoromancy is an ongoing platform featuring dialogue between the making of culture and the culture of making.

  • HI-LO press and gallery operates like a small community arts center. Run and operated by artist, Dianna Settles, HI-LO hosts exhibitions, poetry readings, print making, and much more.


  • ATLMaps is an interactive platform merging layers of GIS and archived maps of Atlanta. Formed collaboratively by Emory University and Georgia State University.

  • Center for Land Use Interpretation provides mapped locations of unusual and exemplary places across the US

projects focused on engaging with environment

  • Graham Projects, run by Graham Coreil-Allen, advocates to make cities more livable through civic engagement, and public art. His New Public Sites walking tours explore invisible public spaces and provide alternative visions for how to experience a city.

  • Jamie Allen’s Squirrel Census project is a multi-pronged approach to community engagement. Part storytelling, part science, part design - the squirrel census has captured squirrel and park lovers from ATL’s Grant Park to NYC’s Central Park. Don’t ask why or you’ll miss the point.

woke southern news outlets

  • Scalawag Magazine is a non-profit news organization reporting on the South’s politics and culture.

    “Scalawag sparks critical conversations about the many Souths where we live, love, and struggle. We amplify voices of activists, artists, and writers to reckon with Southern realities as they are, rather than as they seem to be.
    Scalawag matters because the South needs space to reckon with its past and actively shape its future. Scalawag creates that space by telling the story of the South as it is: varied and complex, rich and complicated.” - Cierra Hinton, Executive Director